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RC WRLDS Bluetooth Connected Ball

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**Note: Phone Not Included**

Super Bouncing Gaming Madness

The WRLDS connected ball is here to change the way we play mobile games. This durable super bouncing ball connects to your phone and let’s you control games ranging from the fart generator “Squeesh” to the AR monster battle arena “Souls”. With WRLDS gaming will never be the same again. 

Search for “WRLDS Creations” in App Store or Google Play and download your first games already today!

Gaming apps for every taste. The ball as your controller. Connects using Bluetooth. Built in battery with up to 1440 hours of gameplay. Change is coming!


Download gaming apps for every taste. Search the App Store or Google Play for “WRLDS Connected” and find the fart generator “Squeesh”, the intense bouncing frenzy “United”, the AR battle game “Souls” and more.

Use WRLDS super bouncing ball as your controller. Connect the ball to your games using Bluetooth and your phone come to life as you bounce the ball. 

Get out and play. Why choose between screen and play? The WRLDS Connected ball works just as well at home as it does in the school yard or outside.

Bluetooth connection. The ball connects to any modern Android or iOS smart phone using Bluetooth. Bounce the ball to wake it up and click “Hello WRLDS” in the WRLDS games Bluetooth locator.

Up to 1440 hours of battery lifetime inside the ball. The WRLDS ball is equipped with a battery allowing up to 1440 hours of active play*.

 *Battery lifetime is estimated based on average usage and may differ from case to case depending on games used and intensity of play.

Games Included:

  • United- Come together and compete in speed, reflexes and coordination. Only one can win
  • Squeesh- Choose your veggie and bounce your WRLDS Smart Ball to fart. Bounce more....
  • Splash- Turn the WRLD into your global arena. Splash by bouncing and cover territory!
  • Dance- WRLDS Dance is a new concept of synchronized dance game.
  • Pets- Keep your pet happy and healthy in this character development game!
  • Souls- Take a sneak peak into the Souls own world!
  • BeatBall AR- Create effects and beats to the music in AR.
  • Fish Cage- Capture the fish before they escape!
  • Love Bounce- Send love bounces to your partner.


  • Lightweight super bouncing foam
  • Built in battery with 1050 mAh charge
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Nordic Semi® SoC chip
  • Water resistant
  • Durable construction allowing high impact without breaking
  • Free games available on App Store and Google Play
  • Open source SDK solution for game developers