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Star Wars - Yoda Notebook

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Star Wars - Yoda Notebook - Packshot 1
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Unlearn what you have learned!

One of the greatest Jedi masters in his prime, Yoda exiled himself in shame to the swamp planet Dagobah when the Empire rose to power. There's no way anyone would know to look for him there - unless directed by the Force (or by the force-ghost of Obiwan Kenobi - same thing though, really). So he certainly wasn't expecting to be found by Luke Skywalker and petitioned to train him. Seeing Luke's natural affinity to the force, unrefined but powerful, he relented and offered him training. Without Yoda's guidance, there's no way Luke could have brought his father back from the Dark Side and saved the galaxy from the clutches of the Empire.

Embrace the lessons of the 900-year-old master with this Yoda notebook.

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