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Fallout - Fusion Flea Die-Cast 1/18 Scale Vehicle Replica

Fallout - Fusion Flea Die-Cast 1/18 Scale Vehicle Replica - Packshot 1
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A post-apocalyptic RPG released by Bethesda in 2015, Fallout 4 is a game beloved by many fans. Playing as the sole survivor of Vault 111 after a long stasis, the player is released and must survive in a still-very-radioactive world with whatever they can find. Its endearing, responsive narrative, challenging playstyle and the addition of base-building and an in-depth crafting system make Fallout 4 a game that players return to again and again.

The Fusion Flea Supreme is a small, three-wheeled, one passenger nuclear vehicle made before the Great War. In keeping with the 1950s influences that flavour the game, the design for the Fusion Flea was inspired by the 1955 Messerschmitt KR200. Being nuclear powered, they certainly packed a punch, but if shot at, they explode with the force of a mini nuke!

From the Fallout universe, compact and comfortable, the Fusion Flea is a real Chryslus icon. Display this faithful 1/18 scale die-cast model of the classic single-seater with pride at home or in the office.

Product Details: 

  • Size: 1/18 Scale
  • Material: Die-cast, spray-painted a vibrant metallic blue
  • Features LED light-up Fusion Core chamber in back!
  • Fully-opening canopy

Box Contents:

  • Fusion Flea replica
  • Chryslus Fusion Flea owners manual - everything you need to know about the function and care of your Fusion Flea
  • Vintage-style full-colour Fusion Flea collectible postcard
  • Enamel Pin Badge - celebrating your 2 years service as a Chryslus employee
  • Double Box - the perfect gift, the Fusion Fleas is packaged as a loyalty reward from Chryslus to a faithful employee