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Stranger Things - Dart SuperCute Nesting 9” Plush

Stranger Things - Dart SuperCute Nesting 9” Plush - Packshot 1
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Stranger Things - Dart SuperCute Nesting 9” Plush

Last year in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, a 12 year-old boy vanished mysteriously causing his mother and friends to investigate, getting themselves in much deeper then they had thought when they begin to uncover a government conspiracy, meeting a psychokinetic girl who knew of the whereabouts of their missing friend.

Then this past Halloween the acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things returned for a second season, and to celebrate, Funko have released this adorable Dart SuperCute Nesting 9” Plush!


Dart is the little creature Dustin finds and raises, only to find out it was in fact a baby demogorgon all along! This nesting plush takes you through the first three stages of  a demogorgon's life cycle, from slimy slug all the way to terrifying man-eating beast from The Upside Down. They're not quite fully grown, they're more like "demodogs" as Dustin would put it. 

The two smaller plush fit conveniently inside the mouth of the 9" Dart, making it easier to store in your collection.

An absolute MUST for any Stranger Things fan!