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Harry Potter - Fawkes the Phoenix Lightweight Scarf

Harry Potter - Fawkes the Phoenix Lightweight Scarf - Packshot 1
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Have you ever walked into the principal's office just to watch his prized bird burst into flames? No, well you're lucky then. Or, should we say Harry Potter is usually quite unlucky! While we are happy to avoid watching a Phoenix transform into a bonfire before our eyes, they still make inspiring creatures. A little, baby bird can rise from the ashes of what seems to be a disaster, a story we can all learn from. When you need a little more inspiration in your ensemble or perhaps just an extra little jolt of color, bring this light weight scarf along.

Light enough to be slung over bare shoulder on cool summer nights or slung around your neck on a sunny autumn day, this scarf with its fiery orange and red feathered pattern and neutral toned background will get plenty of use. It rolls up tightly, making a great travel accessory for your trip to Hogwarts. So, when you're feeling a little burnt out studying for your O.W.L.s, wrap this scarf around yourself, and like Dumbledore's beloved bird, ride from the ashes!