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Harry Potter - Voldemort Heat Change Latte Mug

Harry Potter - Voldemort Heat Change Latte Mug - Packshot 1
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We all remember the fearsome terror that Lord Voldemort inspired, and you can celebrate his legacy with this brilliant Harry Potter heat changing mug. It makes a brilliant gift for anyone who loves the magical world of Harry Potter and wants to expand their collection.

This mug, tall, sloped, and perfect for a latte, is quite something to behold. When in its cold form, the mug is jet black, with the words ‘Avada Kedavra’ decorating the front. On the back is the outline of the Dark Mark, which is, of course, the cruel mark that Voldemort brands his followers with. However, add hot water, and a magical transformation takes place before your eyes. The words ‘Avada Kedavra’ are suddenly glowing with a serpentine green light and, behind the words, Lord Voldemort himself has appeared in an oval portrait, wielding his wand with fury in his eyes. The oval portrait is bordered by a green fire. On the back, the outline of the Dark mark also glows with an evil green, and the rest of the badge appears behind the outline.

This makes a brilliant gift for anyone out there who remembers the awesome world that JK Rowling created all those years ago. It is also in an official Harry Potter gift box, perfect for fans! It will complete the collection of even the most ardent fan!