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Doctor Who - Wind-up Red Drone Dalek

Doctor Who - Wind-up Red Drone Dalek - Packshot 1
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Needs no batteries. Wind it and it zips around, turning its head. Own your own clockwork mini-Dalek!

The very first time we saw the Daleks in Doctor Who in 1964, the First Doctor defeated them by cutting off the supply of static electricity in their city on Skaro – paralysing every single one of them. But if they’d been outfitted with the clockwork wind-up drive seen on this little guy? They’d be UNSTOPPABLE!

Once you wind up this malevolent mutant with the little knob in its base, it starts roaming about, turning its eyestalk and dome as it looks for who next to exterminate. Though in the classic and new series of Doctor Who, we see Daleks levitate, this is one pepperpot which actually does have trouble with stairs – its friction drive doesn’t work too well with hover mode!

Size - 9.5 cm