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Paladone Pac-Man Magnets Set

Paladone Pac-Man Magnets Set - Packshot 1
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Transform your fridge with these fab Super Magnets from Paladone Products. These comic strip fridge Super Magnets are based around the iconic sound effects used in super hero graphic novels. There are nine Super Magnets in all, comprising these super hero sound effects: ‘thwack!’, ‘crash!’, ‘pow!’, ‘zap!’, ‘splat!’, ‘ka-pow!!’, ‘wham!’, ‘boom!’ and the sometimes necessary ‘!&@#!’. Paladone’s Super Magnets are the super heroes of the magnet world. These Super Magnets are magnetic rubber and need to be detached from a single sheet before use. They are all brightly coloured and will help decorate your fridge as well as helping display photos, pictures and those all important shopping lists. They are flexible to withstand lots of wear and tear and laminated so keeping them clean is easy by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. These Super Magnets are a perfect gift for any fan of super hero cartoons. If you like these Super Magnets then why not check out other great kitchen accessories from Paladone Products designed to make your kitchen fun?