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Q Workshop - Cats 7-Set Dice - Purrito - Packshot 1
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Q Workshop - Cats 7-Set Dice - Purrito

Product Description

A caressed cat = chance for crits!

Cats are amazing creatures. Many people think that they are just fluffy pets that often give in to their whims... even though they were once considered sacred animals, able to see the invisible. Today they are domesticated, either treated like adorable furries with no significance or like dignified rulers graciously allowing us to feed and caress them. Of course, some people know cats mainly from funny videos on the Internet -- and we think each of us knows what's on them... The truth, at least sometimes!

The Cat's Dice Set is remarkable not only because we dedicated it to our furry rulers… err, comrades. First of all, each dice is different - on the highest faces, there are cats indulging themselves as they please. Additionally, some faces show one of their favourite things: a bowl of food or a ball of yarn! When you look closely, you will also see traces of a cat's feet -- because who will forbid them to walk on something freshly painted?


  • Shiny fur, golden eyes — The background of the dice is shimmering purple, with golden paintings.
  • Cat Business — The highest faces show the silhouettes of cats in various poses, different for each dice.
  • Favourite toys — Apart from clear digits, there are also a ball of yarn and a bowl of food on the dice faces.
  • The furry license — the Cats Dice Set was created under the license granted to us by a cat's imprint of an ink-soaked paw on a relevant legal document.


  • Pieces: 7
  • Material: Resin
  • Colour: Purple
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