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"Playin' for keeps is still playin, mon ami, so take a card... ANY CARD!"

Shunned by a society fearful of their power, they retreat into hiding. Banding together in secret under the leadership of Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, the X-Men were formed to explore their full mutant potential, and also to save humankind.

Inspired by his 90s era classic costume, the Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure features a detailed, cowled headsculpt based on Remy LeBeau’s comic book appearance, complete with swappable short hair and long hair sculpts for differing display options.

Being a master bandit, the Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure includes an entire thief’s plunder of accessories for creating action-packed poses for this charming Marvel mutant. Pick a card, any card, for Le Diable Blanc with these incredible display options.

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  • Comic-inspired Gambit Headsculpt
  • Swappable Short Hair and Long Hair for two (2) display options
  • Black Body Suit with Pinkish-Purple Square detailing on sleeves and legs
  • Eight pairs of hands including:
    • Two (2) pairs of fists (glowing and non-glowing)
    • Two (2) pairs of grip hands (glowing and non-glowing)
    • Two (2) pairs of throwing hands (glowing and non-glowing)
    • Two (2) pairs of card grip hands (glowing and non-glowing)
  • Sculpted Upper Body Armour
  • Brown Trench Coat
  • Silver armoured boots
  • Triple card throwing effect
  • Four (4) aces with painted glow effect
  • Staff


  • Size: 12" (304.8) approx.
  • Material: Plastic

Official Marvel licensed merchandise

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