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Pokemon - Scorbunny 8" Plush

Pokemon - Scorbunny 8" Plush - Packshot 1
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A rabbit Pokémon always running about, bursting with energy

Galar's fire starter Pokémon is Scorbunny! Scorbunny uses its powerful legs to run and jump around its opponents, confusing and disorienting them. The soles of its feet can become very hot, and Scorbunny can kick opponents to damage and burn them, too! Scorbunny has a fire sac in its chest, which contains viscous fire energy. If Scorbunny is able to increase its heart rate and body temperature by running around and warming up properly, the true power of its fire energy will be awakened and its physical capabilities will greatly increase.

This Scorbunny 8" plush is looking for a trainer starting their journey through the Galar region. Could you be the one this speedy rabbit is waiting for? Add Scorbunny to your party today!


  • Size: 20.3cm tall approx
  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with damp cloth

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