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Thrustmaster T300RS PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel

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  • Brushless motor technology:
    Provide Smooth and Seamless Force Feedback effect
  • Rotation angle adjustable from 270° to 1080°:
    A 1080° Force Feedback racing wheel featuring an industrial-class brushless motor with detachable metal wheel and adjustable metal pedal set.
  • The full versatility:
    Adjustable pedal set (6 possible positions per pedal) including a brake pedal with progressive resistance. Detachable racing wheel with Thrustmaster Quick release system.

Thrustmaster accompanies virtual racers through their learning curve in terms of experience with the T300 RS, as this simulator lets gamers really take the plunge into the world of racing, and hone their driving skills for better performance. To achieve this, under the hood there’s nothing less than a genuine brushless industrial Force Feedback motor (with frictionless action), combined with a new 1080° dual-belt system to deliver super-smooth and quiet Force Feedback with incredibly responsive, realistic Force effects. Thrustmaster’s development teams have added precision to the motor’s impressive capabilities by incorporating H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology®, featuring a contactless magnetic sensor: this provides 16-bit resolution, for 65,536 values on the wheel’s steering. The T300 RS also features an internal memory, upgradable firmware so that users will always have access to the latest improvements via the wheel’s PC compatibility, and a PS4/PS3 sliding switch on its base for optimal compatibility with both systems.

  • Industrial class brushless motor: smooth and seamless Force Feedback effect.
  • Dual belt mechanism: friction free and super silent.
  • H.E.A.R.T. - HallEffect AccuRate Technology™: 16-bit resolution (65,336 values on the steering)
  • Rotation angle adjustable from 270° to 1080°!
  • Internal memory and upgradable firmware
  • The T300RS has been developed in order to allow a maximum versatility Each racer will decide of its preferred configuration.
  • Adjustable pedal set (6 possible position per pedal) including a brake pedal with progressive resistance
  • Detachable racing wheel with Thrustmaster Quick release system
  • Compatible with Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on, Ferrari GTE Add-on, T500 RS GT Wheel, T3PA, T500RS pedal set, TH8RS
  • The equipment of the T300 RS has been determined and selected to optimize the racing immersion of its users.
  • Official PlayStation®4 buttons (“PS”, “Share” and “Options”)
  • Realistic:11” / 28 cm diameter racing wheel featuring a brushed metal central spokes
  • Reinforced rubber texture on the wheel’s entire circumference
  • PS4™/PS3™ sliding switch
  • 2 high (5” / 13 cm) metal paddle shifters fixed on the racing wheel