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Order Up!! (preowned)

Order Up!! - Packshot 1
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This Preowned game may not include the original box art or manual,
but we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts!
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The characters and tone of Order Up!! are presented in a light-hearted and comical style, designed to appeal to all types of players - ranging from children to adults, and from males to females. Whimsical humor offers a counterpoint to the manic table-juggling gameplay and helps players to feel comfortable and entertained throughout the game.

As players rise through the ranks of the culinary world, from fast-food to world-class restaurants, their array of recipes can grow larger and their arsenals of culinary equipment can improve in quality. Along the way they face demanding patrons, discriminating food critics, and a showdown against other culinary masters in the game's final competition.

  • Accessible For All Ages: Exciting, engaging and easy to play, anyone can cook in Order Up!!
  • More Than a Mini Game: Order Up!! is a full game experience with a story, a world, a colorful cast of characters and invites players to truly run a restaurant.
  • Delicious Gameplay: An original, fresh combination of PS3®Move gesture cooking and 3DS enabled 3 dimensional frantic kitchen management, Order Up!! is unlike any other cooking game on any platform.
  • New Restaurants: Kung Fusion, featuring Asian fusion cuisine and replayable Fast Food Drive-Thru restaurant