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Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (preowned)

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Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (preowned) + Destiny (preowned) + PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller (preowned) +
Total Price: $110.00
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The Age of Steam

Steam power - the life blood of those marvelous mechanical contraptions that have transformed the era into a time of miracles! Airships traverse the skies like ships at sea. Conversation travels miles through the aether, but arrives as clear as a gentle whisper to the ear. Suddenly, the tranquility of this gilded age is shattered by a dark new threat! An alien menace has dropped from the stars to terrorize hearth and home!

History Gone Haywire

If President Abraham Lincoln must face a bizarre future filled with aliens and mayhem, at least he won't have to face it alone. Iconic characters have sprung to life from the pages of American literature and folklore to fight alongside him.

Technology at the Boiling Point

The cutting edge of steam science has been pressed in service to defeat the alien horde. The war effort is now measured in precious steam - steam to attack, steam to heal, steam to move! Super soldiers with the latest in steam technology have stepped into the fray! With massive boilers strapped to their backs, the brave agents of S.T.E.A.M. trudge onward to meet the enemy.

Strike with Steam

The latest in gee-whiz weaponry takes the fight to enemies with steam-powered projectiles. They can rain fire and steel down upon the tentacled horrors, or deliver succor to fallen comrades. Through the wonders of automation, steam-powered weapons are capable of striking back automatically when an enemy approaches. The "Overwatch," as it's called, is surely an agent's friend on the field of battle!

Multiplayer Mechanisms

The steam-powered revolution has overtaken the world! Find allies locally or online, and even compete in tournaments.

amiibo in 'Code Name S.T.E.A.M'

Tap any Fire Emblem character from the Super Smash Bros. series of amiibo to the New Nintendo 3DS XL system to add them to your team and play as them in battle! Each character adds a new dimension to gameplay by wielding weaponry pulled straight from the Fire Emblem series - like Marth's sacred sword, the Falchion, or Ike's blessed blade, Ragnell. If they fall in battle, amiibo characters must be tapped again in order to add them back to your team. Compatible with the following amiibo figures: Marth, Ike, Robin, Lucina

By Special Appointment of the President

You May Think You Already Know Abraham Lincoln - Wood-Chopping, Moral Courage, Folksy Aphorisms, Etc. - But Nothing Can Prepare You For The Military Mastermind Of Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Meet His Team Of Legendary Agents!

  • Henry Fleming
    Previously operating under the codename "The Youth," this Civil War vet is no longer at cross-purposes with his fear and instincts. Now, this super patriot just shoulders his rifle and blasts away at the enemies of freedom.
    • Primary Weapon: Eagle Rifle
  • John Henry
    Tragically, this steel-driving railroad worker has become one with the very machines that he once bested with muscle and bone. He's currently driving shrapnel into alien exoskeltons for Honest Abe.
    • Primary Weapon: Bear Grenade
  • Lion
    Be advised: this enormous, talking lion isn't half the coward he's reported to be. Do cowards launch themselves like missiles at terrifying aliens? Research indicates otherwise.
    • Primary Weapon: Lion Launcher
  • QueeQueg
    The subject's background in the South Pacific is somewhat mysterious, but his career in the whaling industry attracted our interest - in particular, his deadly accuracy with harpoons and mechanical seafowl.
    • Primary Weapon: Penguin Lobber
  • Randolph Carter
    The standard psychological assessment was waived to get this agent into the field quickly, as his understanding of alien behavior has proven uncanny. His research at Miskatonic University is under investigation.
    • Primary Weapon: Unspeakable Lure
  • ScareCrow
    Science does not yet have an adequate explanation for locomotion and sentience in an agriculural pest-control effigy, but early interest in dissection was trumped by the immediate need for combat assistance.
    • Primary Weapon: Pumpkin Stunner
  • The Fox
    A skilled sniper who carries the baggage of certain controversial political causes in her past. Field commanders have praised her precision and bravery on the battlefield, but have yet to grasp her motivations.
    • Primary Weapon: Fox Rifle
  • Tiger Lily
    The official story about this tribal princess is that she was rescued by a classified - and apparently ageless - flying youth. She has medical training and is a skilled corpsperson.
    • Primary Weapon: Medi-Mortar
  • Tom Sawyer
    This juvenile subject was reprogrammed and recruited for combat after several run-ins with the Missouri authorities. His improvisational skills have been put to good use as an agent.
    • Primary Weapon: Punch Gun


  • Field Manual
    The aliens that you face are legion, remorseless, and terrifying. You'll need more than a fancy boiler and steam weapons to accomplish your goals. You'll need a solid plan and a thoughtful, tactical mind.
  • There's No "I" in S.T.E.A.M.
    Some missions will throw you together with other agents, but once you build a deep enough roster, you'll be able to pick your own team. Examine each agent's unique skills and strengths, then create groups that suit your mission objectives.
  • Picking the Right Gear
    Each agent has a primary weapon that he or she is especially adept at using and a secondary weapon that can be selected. Pick a secondary weapon and boiler to balance your agent's battlefield versatility.
  • Battlefield Checkpoints
    Battles offer checkpoints where you can save your progress. You can also replenish steam reserves, restore health for an agent or the team, or even revive a fallen team member - but those services will cost you medals.
  • Explore the Terrain
    For each battle, agents will start at set locations. As you move around the environment, look for objects that hide you from alien sight lines and for rewards like medals and gears. Scout for routes that will keep your team safe and meet your mission objectives. The best path may not be the most obvious path.
  • Enemy Adaptations
    These otherworldly creatures come in many different forms, and deliver a great variety of attacks. They also display a wide range of mobility and toughness. Get to know their patterns, and adjust your tactics accordingly.
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