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Even More Preowned Savings Available!

Why Buy > Play > Trade at EB Games?

More Savings For You! Buying Preowned games, consoles and controllers at EB Games means better value for you! They're still in full working order (our Refurbishment team has seen to that!) and ready to give you hours more gaming joy at a fraction of the price of buying new.

Kinder to the Environment - By buying Preowned, you're consciously keeping games, consoles, controllers, and devices from moving through to landfill, and keeping them in play for longer. Nice one!

More fun to choose from! Shop from a wider range of older games! Whether you're hunting for a piece of gaming history or just a stroll down memory lane, shopping Preowned gives you access to so many more old gaming gems than just what's still available brand new off the shelf.

Play risk free! If you're not sure about your selections, or if you try a Preowned game, console or controller and it's not quite the right fit, never fear! When you buy Preowned at EB Games, you can return it within 14 days at any of our 40+ EB Games stores.

Save cash, save space, save time

So, you've bought the latest game, and you've played the entire storyline, completed every mission (as well every side quest), found every hidden relic, unlocked every square inch of the map, and now that game sits finished on a shelf... but then, you spot it. Another shiny new game in the window, and it's calling your name.

We've all got them. Games we've played, loved, and finished, that now sit on our shelves gathering dust. The good news is it doesn't have to be this way. Even the newest, most action-packed games get boring eventually, so don’t forget that you can always trade in your old games and consoles at any one of the 40+ EB Games stores around the country to save yourself money!

Don’t pay with cash - pay with games!
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