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Play, Print, Share

One up your Nintendo Switch™ in-game memories with the INSTAX mini Link 2 Special Edition smartphone printer. From printing your latest iconic online battles surrounded by a themed frame to capturing your friends' customised characters, your gaming world has suddenly gained a bonus level. Simply download the Link for Nintendo Switch™ app and let the action commence. Start by customising your app layout and apply a theme-tastic vibe - will you be having a Splatoon 3™ fest, finding new horizons with Animal Crossing™, snapping up Pokémon Snap™ or powering up with Super Mario™?

The Instax mini 12

A new instant camera, bursting with colour...

Fill your world with joy

Selfies. It's what the INSTAX mini 12 was born to do. With a perfectly positioned mirror, Close-up mode, automatic flash control and cheery mini prints, the mini 12 is much more than just a pretty face. It's a selfie moment grabbing extraordinaire. The INSTAX mini 12 is designed to keep up with life, wherever your adventures may take you. Which is why this camera is kitted out with super simple controls so all your friends can have a go. Twist to turn on. Twist further to enter Close-up mode. Twist to turn off. That's it, lesson over.